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5 Ways to Annoy Your Social Media Followers

You might think the content you are sharing across your social media channels is pretty innocuous. Surely everyone loves what you’re putting out into the world… right?

Sometimes, even when we don’t mean to, we can annoy our audiences. But you’re in luck! We’ve got a checklist of elements that can help you make sure your social media content isn't driving your audience up a wall.

  1. Is your content too wordy or poorly written? If you consistently write three paragraph dissertations on Facebook, or have grammatical errors in each tweet, your audience is likely not pleased. Be sure to keep it short and simple, and always, always proofread to ensure your spacing, grammar and spelling are correctly executed.

  2. Is your content poorly designed? Because we consume so much media, we know what good media looks like. Your poorly lit photo of your product is not going to cut it when trying to reach today’s media savvy consumer. We relate the appearance of the images we see on social media with the person or brand who is posting them. If it isn't quality, they may think your brand isn't quality either.

  3. Is your content old or stale? If you are posting about content that made its way around the social media circuit three weeks earlier, you are likely annoying your followers. Think about it: How would you react if you saw a brand post about the ever-popular ice bucket challenge from a few years earlier? Your audience has seen it, read it and moved on.

  4. Is your content relevant? The content you post should always be relevant to your audience. We follow brands on social media based on our connection to their product or service. If the content we post or tweet as a brand isn't relevant, our audience may lose trust in the brand.

  5. Did you use a video or image? This annoyance is more specific to Facebook. Our audience doesn’t want to see content without something graphic associated with it. Facebook actually ranks text only updates among the lowest quality in its algorithm to help ensure you aren't seeing a lot of these types of posts. Find an image or video to support what you're talking about in order to increase appeal and relevance.

What other social media habits annoy you as a consumer?

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